BidPay® is the first and only supply chain finance technology company formed exclusively to facilitate the electronic discounting of accounts payable in an online payable auction format.  BidPay® enables supply chain buyers to provide spot liquidity to suppliers willing to bid small discounts in exchange for faster payments.

BidPay® found that supply chain buyers often under-estimate the demand for prompt payment, a basic misunderstanding that may lead large supply chain buyers to ignore or overlook lucrative discounting opportunities that occur late in the payment cycle.

Retiring trade payables early (at a discount) never made more sense than it does today. Payable discounting has no adverse effect on your liquidity or leverage ratios whether you use cash or short-term debt to fund the early retirement of your accounts payable.

BidPay® is currency-neutral, so it is perfect for your company or its subsidiaries with suppliers in foreign countries where access to credit and capital markets is scarce.

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